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The Stepping Up County Self-Assessment is designed to assist counties interested in evaluating the status of their current efforts to reduce the prevalence of people in jails who have mental illnesses and in determining their needs for training and technical assistance to advance their work. This assessment is derived from the principles presented in the Stepping Up framework Reducing the Number of People with Mental Illnesses in Jail: Six Questions County Leaders Need to Ask.

The six questions are:

  1. Is our leadership committed?
  2. Do we conduct timely screening and assessments?
  3. Do we have baseline data?
  4. Have we conducted a comprehensive process analysis and inventory of services?
  5. Have we prioritized policy, practice, and funding improvements?
  6. Do we track progress?

Stepping Up recommends having one standard username per county (i.e. This will allow key stakeholders from across criminal justice and behavioral health systems to work together and fill out this tool. If your county has a project coordinator, it is recommended that the person in that role fill out the tool and share the results with key stakeholders as needed.

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